Collaborative learning environments sourcebook

Links and portals
   Classic texts
   Journals and magazines
   Research groups

   Rubrics & Authentic Assessment
   Individual learning
   Group learning
   Prior learning
   Assessing process     

Concepts and models
   Collaborative work
   Communities of practice
   Collaboration roles
      Identity and reputation
   Collaboration types
   Collaboration content
   Copyright and open access
   Group dynamics
      Very large groups
   Learning processes
   Lifelong learning
   Problem-based learning
Tools and technologies
   The digital divide
   Some older technologies
   Learning management systems
   Web communities
   Discussion groups
      Blogging tools
      Blog directories
   Artifact-centred tools
   Open source movement
   Commercial systems
   Network mapping tools
   RSS syndication
   Multi-channel tools

Institutional Repositories 
   Choosing repository software
   Example repositories
   Design issues 
   Meta data
   Other repository systems


This book is a resource for academics and students who want to develop collaborative learning environments (or communities of practice) in which people work together to create new knowledge while learning new skills. See also the background info about the book.