Critical Methods Society
Qualitative Methods Conferences

Proceedings of the 2nd Annual South African Qualitative Methods Conference
Edited by Martin Terre Blanche & Johan Kruger

The Body Politic
Johannesburg, 3 & 4 September 1996

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Conference organisers: Brynn Binnell, Claudia Landsman, Neil Lightfoot, Cathi Michelson, Martin Terre Blanche, Vasi van Deventer, Kenneth Wilson and Estel Zietkewics.

i Preface Martin Terre Blanche & Johan Kruger

ii Opening address and welcome Wilhelm Jordaan

iv Historical note Victor Nell

PART ONE - Race, Ethnicity and Nationality

2 Black bodies, white gaze: Western medicine and the African in South Africa Alex Butchart

8 If the glove fits...O.J. Simpson and the U.S. imaginary Kum-Kum Bhavnani

14 By birth and blood: Bi-racialised bodies and the poetics and problematics of psychic performance in the English-African diaspora Jayne O. Ifekwunigwe

16 Xenophobes, Visual Terrorism and the African Subject Robin Chandler

A Theory of Racism and Sexuality Paula Henning

Mobilising the 'National Body': The case of Margaret Thatcher

and the Falklands/Malvinas conflict Mark Levine

17 "Healing the nation"? The South African Truth and Reconcilaition Commission Simon Stacey

Measuring the secular trend in South Africa: Did apartheid make us shorter? Goran Strkalj

18 My travels through Boerrasic Park: An exploration of the racial demarcation/delineation of bodies Brynn Binnell

PART TWO - Gender

20 Mind, gender, and culture: A critical evaluation of the phenomenon of Tokoloshe "sightings" among prepubescent girls in Kwazulu-Natal Nhlanhla Mkhize

21 Discussion group: Useful Objects Penny Siopis & Kaolin Thompson

22 Stealing the Wind From the Men - Women windsurfers and gendered embodiment Val Woodward

27 Theory as a rewriting: Reading the anorexic body through a post-colonial lens Sharon Fuller

37 Abnormal eating attitudes in an urban setting: evidence of the Homogenisation of a multi-ethnic society? Christopher Paul Szabo

39 Manifestations of the body in early German social policy: The German 'Bund fuer Mutterschutz' (Federation for the Protection of Mothers) Regine Heidenreich

43 Dads in ads Charlotte Hagstrom

43 Mirrors of Motherhood Helen Terre Blanche

44 Gifts of the body. Rethinking intergenerational heritage Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer

52 Producing the mothers of the nation: family rhetoric, the logic of eugenics, and U.S. population policies Patricia Hill Collins

57 The cyborg and religious views on the female body Christina Landman

60 "No more I love yous": Gender moving into the androgynous twilight zone Amanda du Preez

64 Tamara de Lempicka: The Body Propped and Unpropped Laura Claridge

65 Orgasms, needs, fun and romance: Dr Delvin's sex advice for women Lindy Wilbraham

PART THREE - Sexuality

68 Arriving in gender-fuck drag squirming with queer exhibitionistic anticipation as Eddie prepares to pierce my foreskin Vasili Kapetanakis alias Dame Collonica Drek

69 New visual strategies: Re-presenting gay identities in a second AIDS-decade Hentie van der Merwe

73 Challenge research on homosexuality Anthony Theuninck

82 The headmaster's study K J Kelly & S Sedumedi

88 Intergenerational relationships vs child-sexual abuse Keven Bishop

94 Sex machine (part 2): The cybernetic body James Sey

97 Queory: Problems Arising from Presenting the Gay and Lesbian Art exhibition

GAY RIGHTS RITES RE-WRITES 1995-1996 Joan Bellis

PART FOUR - Applications and special contexts

100 Dangerous bodies: surgical decision-making in BRCA1 mutation carriers Nina Hallowell

104 Avoidance coping stategies for minimizing the impact of HIV or "Help is the Sunny side of Control." Jo-Anne Stein

107 MINDSCAPES: Embodiments of souls Alastair Mundy-Castle

112 Dialogical space, differance, and desire: conversations on the margins Andrew Favell

119 Story-telling and the socialization of rural pre-school children in times of social change Mary van der Riet

131 A discursive analysis of schizophrenic speech with mystical features or Schizophrenia and Mystical or Religious Experience Louisa Velis

133 Funding cuts - resulting in creative and imaginative solutions Mrs. H Jones, Sr. Lorraine & Mr Hamel

134 BE-ING NATURAL Brandon Pleaner

Crowd psychology and social control Kevin Durrheim

The formation of a subcultural identity, exemplified in rave culture: Postmodern candy floss or a possible solution to the failures of a modern world? Heleniq Argyrou

135 Elevator Etiquette James Dawson & Jo-Ann Scott

PART FIVE - Bodies of knowledge

138 Phenomenology as a viable methodological approach to the study of indigenous healing Tholene Sodi

142 The hermeneutics of distanciation in programme evaluation K J Kelly

147 "You wanna sit around and just explicate, or come upstairs and see my hermeneutics?" Gavin Ivey

151 THE POLITIC OF THE BODY (in the motion of the ocean) Vasi van Deventer

156 The body impolitic of silence HC van Rensburg

160 Bodies of knowledge: Processes of learning Gudrun Kober

165 PRINCALS analysis: Why PRINCALS to analyse qualitative data? Prof. Dr. H.W. Kruijsse

169 An overview of computer aided qualitative data analysis techniques Catherine Payze

174 Qualitative Research in South Africa: Methodological and Ethical Concerns Paula Henning

179 Qualitative research: A body divided against itself? Cora Moore & Teria Shantall

183 User guidelines for research methodology in the social sciences:

An ecosystemic theoretical perspective Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk

188 Dualities and body types Dain Peters

195 Inspecting the body of the "general individual": towards a critical social theory of human personality Kenneth G. Wilson

PART SIX - Postscript

197 Subtitle: Vile Retentions Moshekwa Langa